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Cool Stuff: Self Balancing Unicycle (Version 2.0)

@ February 26, 2012

The SBU (Self Balancing Unicycle) is a revolutionary gyro stabilized, accelerometer driven, battery powered, clean “green” vehicle.

This cutting edge transportation vehicle is affordable, reliable, environmentally clean, and totally fun. The SBU is easy to ride, it takes the average rider about 20 minutes to learn.

The SBU controls the forward and backward balance while the rider balances left and right. It’s a unique blend of machine and human balancing. The rider controls the speed by leaning forward or backward to speed up or stop.

There is no need to pedal, in fact there are no crank arms, just foot pegs.

The SBU stays upright by utilizing advanced electronics including accelerometers and gyroscopes with sophisticated balancing algorithms.

It’s truly an experience like no other.

...and tested by Adam Savage of the MythBusters.

(source: Focus Design, Inc.)

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