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Manzanita Wood iPad Stand & iPhone Dock

@ February 13, 2012

From rockapplewood:
The Little Apple Collection is the named after the literal translation of the Spanish word Manzanita. Manzanita grows small red berries, which look like tiny little apples. This collection was derived from a friend who works at our local community college. The college was growing and thus one large old Manzanita tree was uprooted for the cause of education.

Manzanita is a very hard and durable wood. The outer bark is sometimes kept for its rich contrast and patterns. The inside heart wood is deep red. It grows very, very slow, is dense and hard and grows in very strange twisting patterns.

This piece has been brought through over 7 sanding steps! From powerful machine sanders to fine hand sanding and polishing. This dock has been coated with a combination of beeswax, carnauba wax, and orange oil. This enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished woods. This blend prevents further drying of the wood and deterioration of the finish.

This piece comes with one 6 foot USB cord that will sync or charge your iPhone or iPod. Every piece is tested for sync and charge capabilities for USB to computer connectivity and wall plug connection as well. The iPad stand is designed to rest snugly and at the correct angle without a skin. However if you have a THIN skin cover, it still will work. It will rest landscape or portrait view and at a perfect angle for desktop use.
 (source: rockapplewood)

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