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No, this is not a Nyan Cat box: Cryoscope, a haptic weather forecasting device

@ February 10, 2012

What is that? Well, we give a welcome to the Cryoscope.
The Cryoscope shows the user exactly what to expect outside by haptically exhibiting exactly how cold or warm it is to be outside. The user simply touches an aluminum cube that has been heated or cooled to the appropriate temperature. The unit fetches weather data from the internet, and translates it to the cube physically, pumping heat in or out of the cube.

The neutral state of the cube is about 85°F(30°C), which is perceived as neutral by the skin. The cube is then adjusted by the number of degrees that forecast differs from typical room temperature(73°F/23°C).
Do you want to see it in action? Check the video:

(source: Robb Me Blind)

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