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Retro: TDK Life On Record 2-Speaker Boombox Audio System

@ May 15, 2012

A reinvention of the original music culture icon, the TDK Life on Record 2 Speaker Boombox comes with high-tech touches for modern music lovers.

Two powerful six-inch coaxial drivers deliver full range sound with a bold, retro look. An innovative equalizer gives your music a visual heartbeat, while touch-sensitive buttons give you simple and intuitive control.

Digital data streaming allows premium audio decoding and playback while charging Apple iPod and iPhone devices. Inputs include USB, 3.5mm and auxiliary ports that let you connect an iPod, iPhone, smartphone or USB flash drive. You can even plug in your guitar or microphone and mix with other music sources. 

Technical Details:
  • Two powerful 6-inch coaxial drivers deliver full range sound
  • Play your iPod/iPhone music while charging using the USB to 30 pin Apple cable
  • Using the rotary dial and front facing screen, play and control music directly from storage devices including USB flash and external hard drives
  • Shoulder strap and soft-touch handle let you take your music along
  • Input options let you connect most audio devices and mix with an instrument.
(vía: Amazon)

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