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Fashion Geek: Futurama Knit Hats By Toynami

@ December 31, 2012

Ever wanted to wear your favorite Futurama characters with you wherever you go? Well now you can with Futurama knit hats.

These knit hats feature Bender and Nibblers faces with knitted details. Perfect for cold weather or just showing off your love for Futurama.

Put Nibbler on your head! This Futurama Nibbler Knit Hat is beanie shaped like Nibbler's head, and it will also keep you warm. What more could you want? It's one of the best Futurama products ever!

Product Specifications:
  • Futurama knit hats to wear on your deliveries
  • Officially licensed Futurama apparel
  • Long flaps keep your ears nice and warm
  • Choose: Bender or Nibbler
  • One size fits most.
(vía: Amazon)

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