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Cool Stuff: ARAIG - As Real As It Gets (Kickstarter)

@ June 10, 2013

Brodie and Michael Stanfield have invented the new way of gaming. A multi-sensory feedback suit to experience the next level of gaming. Finally you get to feel what you’ve only been able to see!

ARAIG is a new immersive wearable technology, a suit. ARAIG is designed to enhance your video game experience by increasing your awareness of what is happening within the video game you are playing without limiting your mobility or use of other peripherals.

ARAIG provides you with localized sound and haptic feedback on the torso and upper arms. ARAIG will work at a fundamental level for all games already outputting vibration feedback and sound from the game. By creating awareness through various forms of sensations we have created a base foundation for all game developers.

Now any game developer can implement their own sensations to create a completely new experience for any game in any genre. No longer does the majority of the experience have to come from the visuals; it can now come from sensations that truly place you within your game.

See the promo video below!

Definitely this could be the perfect companion for Kinect! (i.e.)
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